Next GEN Physical Science and Everyday Thinking

Lecture Style Class

Demonstration Movies & Simulations

Next Gen PET lessons and activities include movies shown to students during class. These are all short videos of demonstrations, experiments, or simulations that students are not able to carry out in class themselves. Since the Lecture-Style Class version of the curriculum contains far fewer opportunities for hands-on experiments for students (all of which are optional), it has far more demonstration movies than the Studio-Style Class version. Nearly every lesson has at least one movie, and most have several. In addition, in many lessons on-line simulations are used or referenced.

The demonstration movies are available online to students and instructors. Links for each module are listed below. Each lesson in the module is listed on that page and has a link to a separate page with all the movies for that lesson embedded in the page, provided the lesson has at least one movie. All movies are shown here, including those you may not show in class (for example, demonstration movies of experiments that students actually conduct in class). There are separate links to any simulators used or referenced in the lesson. The student portal for the demonstration movies and extensions (which is the link you should give to your students) is also listed below.

Student Portal