Next GEN Physical Science and Everyday Thinking

Lecture Style Class

Planning Your Lecture-Style Course

The full set of Next Gen PET materials consists of five modules, each with two units, along with a set of optional teaching and learning materials. The materials are published in modular form by It’s About Time, and you can order from one to five modules, depending on the duration of your course and how you want to organize it.

For a one-semester (15 week) course, with 37-40 hours of instructional time, you can plan to fully cover four or five units, or part of more. Although you need to order the materials at the module level, you can decide to teach an entire module or just one of the two units within the module.

Following are examples of various ways you can organize your course around a set of units. These represent actual implementations by faculty who used the pre-publication version of the curriculum for semester-long, lecture-style, physics or physical science (physics and chemistry) courses. These courses tend to meet for seventy-five minutes twice a week.

There are also links to the daily schedule of activities for some of these implementations. You can use these for guidance in planning your own course.

  • M = Magnetism; SE = Static Electricity
  • EM = Energy Model of Interactions; PEF = Potential Energy and Fields
  • FM = Force Model of Interactions; CF = Combinations of Forces
  • WS = Waves and Sound; L = Light and Color
  • PC = Physical Changes; CR = Chemical Reactions

Semester-length implementation for a physics course:

Semester-length implementation for a physical science course:

  • EM, FM CF, PC, CR

You may also wish to include some commentary in your course syllabus or as a stand-alone document about the Next Gen PET course and its pedagogy. Here is some text you can edit.