Activate Learning - Next GEN PET

Table of Contents

A# Activity (A)/Extension (Ext) Title Time/
Format 1
General Activities and Extensions
Introductory Cluster (to precede the first implementation of any other TL activities & extensions)
Ext A The Next Generation Science Standards and Next Gen PET Reading
Ext B Engineering and the Next Generation Science Standards Reading
A1 Teaching and Learning Science 35 min
Ext C Conducting Interviews with Children Reading
Post-Introductory Cluster
Ext P Crosscutting Concepts: Systems and System Models / Energy and Matter Online
Ext R Crosscutting Concepts: Stability & Change / Scale, Proportion & Quantity Online
Ext S Crosscutting Concept: Patterns Online
A12 Teaching and Learning Science II 35 min
A# Activity (A)/Extension (Ext) Title Time/
Format 1
Content Module Clusters
Module MSE Cluster
Ext D Conducting Interviews with Children about Magnetism Interview
Ext E Teaching and Learning Engineering Design: Children Designing a Maglev System Online
A2 Models, Magnets and Children’s Ideas 35 min
Module IE Cluster
Ext F Dealing with Data: Preparation for TL Activity 3 Paper
A3 Questions, Problems, and Evidence 45 min
Ext G Energy and Evidence: Interviewing Children about Energy Interview
A4 Reflecting on Interview about Energy 20 min
Module IF Cluster
Ext H Facilitating Investigations: Preparation for Activity 5 Paper
A5 Planning and Carrying out Investigations 20 min
Ext I Forces, Friction, and Facilitating Investigations: Working with Children on Parachute Task Interview
Ext J Reading: Common Ideas about Force and Motion Reading
A6 Facilitating Investigations 45 min
Module WSL Cluster
Ext K Explanations and Solutions: Preparation for Activity 7 Paper
A7 Shedding Light on Explanations and Solutions 60 min
Ext L Guiding Explanations and Solutions: Interviewing Children about Sound and/or Light Interview
Ext M Engaging in Argument from Evidence: Preparing for Activity 8 Paper
A8 Arguments and Evidence (NGSS Practice 7) 20 min
A9 Explanations and Solutions 20 min
Module MI Cluster
Ext N Obtaining, Evaluating and Communicating Information: Preparation for TL Activity 10 Paper
A10 Obtaining, Evaluating and Communicating Information 20 min
Ext O Creating and Communicating a Process: Working with Children and Playdough Interview
A11 Creating and Communicating a Process 20 min

1 Teaching & Learning extensions come in four different formats. Reading extensions are articles for students to read as homework. Online extensions have the same format as the (online) extensions in the content modules. Interview extensions are projects that involve interviewing and/or engaging in instructional activities with children, and typically take a few weeks. Paper extensions need to be downloaded, (optionally) printed, and completed between two classes.

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